CrossFit for Beginners



So, you want to join the ranks of all the fit and strong athletes that have adopted crossfit? Well, you’ve made a fantastic decision! CrossFit is one of the seven elite fitness programs offered by PFT. CrossFit workouts produce unparalleled results that make you stronger, more flexible and increase your stamina. 

But everyone has to begin somewhere. If this is your first experience with CrossFit training, you’ll need our On Ramp Intro Class to assess your fitness.

What is CrossFit for Beginners?

CrossFit workouts are known for their intensity. There’s a few things to learn before you start a CrossFit program. That’s why PFT starts beginners with an On Ramp Intro class to give participants a baseline.

On Ramp classes teach dynamic movements that are synonymous with CrossFit workouts. Crossfit is the teaching of a highly dynamic methodology of movement and strengthening.

Each individual has their fitness level assessed. These metrics serve as your baseline to chart your progress. You may be asked to complete 500 meters of rowing, followed by 20 air squats, 20 push-ups, then 20 sit-ups while the clock is running. Your cumulative time is used to see how much faster you can complete this sequence after several weeks of CrossFit training. 

What’s a WOD, EMOM and AMRAP?

In your beginner CrossFit class you’ll be taught the terminology that is associated with different types of workouts. You’ll definitely hear the acronym “WOD” often, as this stands for Workout Of the Day. 

You’ll also be introduced to EMOM, which means Every Minute, On the Minute. EMOM is a kind of interval training where you complete as many reps as you can in one minute. Once completed, you use whatever time is left to rest.

Finally, you’ll get to know what AMRAP stands for: As Many Rounds As Possible. This is similar to EMOM, except that intervals can last longer or shorter than a minute. 

What’s a Beginner CrossFit Workout Like?

CrossFit workouts aren’t very long, which is great for those with busy lifestyles. But what CrossFit workouts lack in time, they make up for with intensity. 

Free weights and barbells typically come later. Your first class focuses on the dynamic movements of crossfit and stretching. This, along with your baseline workout numbers, are all meant to keep you limber and prevent injury.

Before starting the WOD, you’ll do light cardio for about five minutes, followed by dynamic stretching. Your instructor will establish workouts as WOD’s, EMOM’s, or AMRAP’s and each will challenge you to work hard.

What are the Benefits of CrossFit for Beginners?

CrossFit workouts benefit any kind of fitness goal. You’ll feel an increase in strength, flexibility and stamina. 

Because it’s such a high-energy workout, CrossFit is also a fantastic way to burn calories and lose weight. This is great for your cardiovascular system.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of CrossFit is how quick a workout takes. Let’s face it, we’re all very busy people. A short workout that produces better results than hours at the gym is a huge perk of CrossFit training.

On Ramp Intro to CrossFit workouts at PFT are available Monday - Saturday.  For our classes dates and times of classes, check out our fitness schedule or contact us to learn more!