New Year 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Thursday, January 4, 2018 - 07:34

New Years Weight Loss Challenge (new and current members)

We are running our second 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge beginning January 15th. For those of you who participated in the first challenge the details will be very similar. We are adding more one on one accountability with one of our coaches.

There are only 20 total spots available so sign up today!!

When: January 15th- February 24th

Cost: $50 for those with current memberships. $249 for new members ($199 for early sign up by Saturday the 7th.

Prizes: 1st Place- 65% 2nd- 25% 3rd- 10% of prize pool

How does it work: You will receive points based on working out, keeping a food log and your weight loss. Each participant will be assigned a coach to help with accountability and nutritional advice.

Workouts: 30 potential points
1 point per class attended (up to 4 per week)
1 bonus point if you attend 4 classes in a week

Food log: 20 potential points
3 points per week all intake is recorded
2 bonus points if all 6 weeks are done

Weight Loss: 40 potential points
-There will be 4 weigh ins during the 6 weeks

Initial weigh in: Monday, Jan. 15th
2 Week check in: Fri Jan 26th or Sat Jan 27th
4 Week check in: Fri Feb 9th or Sat Feb 10th
Final Weigh In: Saturday, February 24th

-10 potential points will be awarded for each of the weight ins according to % of weight loss.

-10 additional points will be awarded for the cumulative weight loss of the entire 6 weeks.

Winner: Scores will be totaled to determine the first 3 places receiving the prizes.

How do I sign up or ask questions: Talk to Josh, Aaron or Zeus at the gym. Or email