Physical Activity for Kids

Pre-Teen Gym Gives Kids the Physical Exercise They Need


You’re not imagining it: Kids are spending less time engaging in physical activity than ever before. Between social media, video games and online content, kids today are spending up to two-and-a-half hours on their screens everyday

Performance Factory Training (PFT) has the perfect remedy for this lack of physical activity, as we offer pre-teen and tween fitness classes that teach lifelong habits, use holistic methods and ultimately, makes kids healthier. 

But that’s not all, as PFT also understands that creating fun exercises for kids will go a lot farther than the old days of a gym instructor with a whistle and a clipboard. PFT pre-teen gym classes provide fun exercise activities for kids that they’ll love to come back for.

Why Physical Activity is Important for Kids

Physical activity for kids is important for a variety of reasons that have both short and long term impact on their health. Not only do pre-teen fitness classes make kids healthy today, but PFT coaches also express the importance of staying physically active their entire lives.

The CDC recommends that children between ages 6-17 years old should engage in 60 minutes of physical activity everyday, and three of those days should be strenuous activity. It’s estimated that only one quarter of kids in the US actually achieve that mark.

The reason why the CDC recommends 60 minutes of exercise everyday for kids is because there are so many health benefits. Sustained physical activity for kids leads to cardiorespiratory fitness, the building of strong bones and muscles, weight consistency and a reduction of anxiety and depression.

Kids who don’t engage in physical activity have a much higher risk of terrible long term health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and obesity.

Physical Activity for Kids Needs to be Taught

Physical activity for kids does come with risks, and that’s why PFT believes in the importance of safe exercise. This means different things for adults than kids and teens, as developing bodies are more vulnerable to injury because of certain types of exercises.

PFT pre-teen gym classes do not engage in heavy weight lifting, but we do teach strength training. 

Weight lifting can be tough on developing bones and muscles, and while they may have short term benefits such as bigger muscles, it’s also been known to stunt their growth. The reason is because heavy weights can overly strain muscles, tendons and cartilage that are developing into bone, and ultimately, hurt growth plates. This is exacerbated by improper weight lifting techniques.

What Are Pre-teen PFT Classes Like?

PFT sets itself apart from other crossfit gyms by offering our unique pre-teen gym class tailored specifically for the needs of kids between 10-13 years of age. You can enroll your kiddo in a class and come get a crossfit workout for yourself at the same time!

Strength training and cardio are the two main focuses of PFT pre-teen and tween classes. PFT has an indoor gym for kids and teens, and we include fun exercises in our classes, but we also teach proper techniques for safe and healthy physical activity.

Exercises for kids and teens include fun activities such as running, jumping, bear crawls and crab walks. These focus on agility, strength training by using body weight and of course, having fun!

Are There Any Other Benefits to PFT Pre-teen Classes?

There are many other benefits to enroll your child in our pre-teen and tween gym classes than just creating healthy habits that they’ll have for life. PFT pre-teen classes also teach your child how to exercise safely while still having fun. Not to mention, group classes are a fantastic place that encourages your kids to make new friends.