Special Seminars, Fitness Workshops and Aerobics Classes

Specialty Fitness Classes for Gymnastics, Aerobics, Running or Lifting


Performance Factory Training proudly offers special seminars, fitness workshops and aerobic classes to support your fitness goals and interests. 

Don’t let your muscles get too comfortable!

By engaging in the same routines over-and-over again, muscles adapt. Over time, they essentially perfect repetitive exercises. In order to build muscle at a faster rate, switch up your routine to keep your muscles guessing. Enroll in one of our special fitness clinics.  

Performance Factory Training offers several clinics, seminars or classes that are great on their own, and fantastic for fast-tracking your fitness goals.


Aerobics Classes

We vary our routine for aerobics classes to keep your muscles guessing as much as possible. While our aerobics classes don’t focus on building muscle in the same way as strength training, aerobics classes are outstanding for improving stamina between weight lifting.

Aerobics classes are not only a fantastic way to support your strength building goals, but they’re also fantastic for anyone that’s looking to improve their heart health, improve lung function or lose weight.

Gymnastics Clinic

Gymnastics clinics at Performance Factory Training are meant for all skill levels, including beginners. Our instructors introduce people of all skill levels to tumbling combined with the use of body weight to strengthen your core, while adding flexibility. 

Use of equipment varies, and our clinics run like a gymnastics camp in that different stages will be taught using our very own crossfit/gymnastics equipment. Our instructors prioritize safety above all else. Our fitness coaches teach fundamentals to ensure proper technique and maximum muscle training output.

Weightlifting Seminars

Weightlifting courses are not only designed to provide different exercises that maximize muscle building, but also teach proper technique to avoid injury. Whether you’re looking for a powerlifting seminar to up your max bench or balance your body by learning the importance of squats, our instructors will help you build muscle and increase your range of motion at the same time.

Weightlifting workshops from Performance Factory Training are for people who are looking to build muscle, support aerobic and athletic ability with lightweight training, or beginners who are looking to learn the importance of balancing weightlifting for your entire body.

Running Courses

Running classes at Performance Factory Training are focused on providing every single runner with the instructions of a personal running coach. You don’t run against other runners in the course; rather, you run against yourself.  Our instructors offer you custom adjustment recommendations to provide maximum efficiency and output.

Running courses at Performance Factory Training are for anyone who’s looking for a jogging course, a technique adjustment, heart rate efficiency and heart health, or to lose weight and get more healthy overall.

Special Seminars, Fitness Workshops and Aerobics Classes

Performance Factory Training usually does a series of gymnastics clinics twice a year, a weightlifting seminar once a year, running or aerobic classes periodically.

Please consult your Performance Factory Training coach to find out more about upcoming specialty fitness clinics and seminars, fitness workshops and aerobics classes.