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Would you like to improve your athleticism and take your sport to the next level?  Then you are a fantastic candidate for the Performance Fitness Training (PFT) sports performance training program.

Sports performance training is one of seven, elite athlete training programs offered by our team. Whether you’re looking for elite athletic training or how to be more athletic, PFT has a sports performance coach that’s right for you.

What is Sports Performance Training?

What sets us apart from other sports performance facilities is our commitment to a training program that matches your unique goals. Our training program is designed to push athletes toward your goal while mitigating risk of injury

Your sports performance trainer will typically approach your training with three objectives in mind.

First, specialize the training to suit your needs and meet your goals. PFT’s sports performance trainers work hard from the outset to match your physical abilities to the skills you want to develop. Implementing a training regimen that prevents injury is a huge priority of our trainers, aside from helping you meet your goals.

Next, create progressive training in that there’s a defined start and end point with benchmarks to mark progress along the way.  

Finally, the goal is to make your training transferable so that you have a list of exercises in your back pocket to practice even beyond your training sessions.  We hope that you will build upon the lessons you’ve learned from our performance coaches to continue refining your desired skills. 


Why Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training used to only be available for top-tier, professional athletes or olympians. Today, this highly specialized training is accessible to anyone.

Whether you play a specific sport, or there’s an athletic ability you want to gain or increase, our sports performance trainers will talk with you about your goals, and then test and evaluate your athletic performance at the start.

The metrics serve as a baseline to monitor your improvement and gauge results when your sports performance training sessions are complete. Based on your goals and abilities, your fitness program will focus on proper form and technique, speed and agility as well as strength and conditioning.

But that’s not all.  Our sports performance coaches teach injury prevention, and customized training regimens for the offseason of your sport. 

Is Sports Performance Training for Me?

Sports performance training is for everyone, but especially those in sports and athletic events including:

  • Baseball - Trying to up the MPH on your fastball, or knock a few more balls out of the park? 
  • Football - Are you a lineman that needs help with agility, or a defensive back that needs more speed? 
  • Soccer - Do you need to kick the ball farther, or improve your aerial game? 
  • Basketball - Do you need more strength to box out better, or is your goal to finally dunk this year? 

Whatever your sport, PFT sports performance trainers will create a customized training program for you.

Sports Performance Training Near Me

PFT offers both sports performance training classes, or 1-on-1 sessions with a sports performance coach Visit our sports performance facility in Highwood, IL today.  Conveniently located for residents in neighboring Evanston, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest or Lake Bluff.