Success Stories



Performance Factory Training can change your life. We will help you achieve goals you never thought possible. Don’t take our word for it, see what our longtime members have to say.





Aaron Schwartz

I worked with PFT after hurting my shoulder in preseason. I needed to get quickly back in shape as I had an offer in Sweden to finish the season. In 4 weeks, I saw a huge transformation in my strength and endurance in the gym and on the ice. Not only was I able to quickly get my cardio back to where it needed to be, but my leg and core strength shot through the roof.

In addition, the coaching I received on form and technique helped me to get the most out of the workouts. I have worked with professional strength coaches from the NHL to the AHL but I have never been pushed as much as I have with PFT.

Louise Brickman

Training at PFT with Zeus has no question, increased my strength, improved my endurance and agility and raised my overall performance  on the tennis court. 

I started training at PFT 4 years ago when I was in 7th grade with the dream of one day making the LFHS Varsity Tennis team. Not only did I make the team, I have the awesome opportunity to help lead the team next year as co-captain. 

The atmosphere at PFT is motivating and encouraging - and really fun! Being around the coaches and other PTF athletes has definitely made me want to become a better athlete and give everything 100 percent. 

Zeus is not only a great trainer but he’s also a great friend. The community at PFT is so welcoming. Working out at PFT never seems like a chore (even though I go before school at 6:30am). It always feels like an opportunity to work hard and get great results.





Donna Stackowicz

Moved here from long ways away and needed to find another box to call home. Researched and visited three area boxes and this is by far the best around. The coaching, the members, and the atmosphere all help you to reach your fitness goals. This is not just a box, though; there are clinics and personal trainers for all types of athletes -not just CrossFit. Yoga, gymnastics, youth athletes, all sorts of professionals and novices alike train here. Military and kid friendly as well!

Marjie Shapiro

Encouraged by my daughter to try CrossFit, I thought it was out of my realm of possibilities! Though I have always worked out – having had disc replacement surgery in my neck in 2008, I was skeptical that I would be able to do a program with Olympic weightlifting. I hated using a 5 lb handheld weight, let along starting with a 35 lb barbell. Fast forward 3 ½ years later, and I’m still going strong! Olympic lifting is truly empowering, especially as a petite, 55 year old. I can now lift my body weight, string pulls ups, double -unders etc…. and have the bone density of a 35 year old!

More important than my accomplishments in the gym, is the feeling of encouragement and acceptance by the wonderful community of PFT. From the coaches to the members – all are accepting, encouraging and inspiring. I have never been stronger in my life – and with the PFT family, I know I can accomplish anything in the gym I set out to.


Jocelyn Palenske

Great environment. Super cool and knowledgeable staff whose main concern is making you into the best version of yourself, while maintaining a fun and light experience. Up until 8 months ago, I would fight with myself to get to the gym, and now my body and self-esteem have completely transformed. I’m no longer concerned with what the scale says and more concerned with how strong I look and feel. Thanks, PFT!